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Restorative Circles

Restorative Circles

Wanting to be heard and understood is part of our human nature.

Breakdown in Respectful Communication

The Restorative Circle intention is to create safe space in which a conflict is invited with the focus on hearing and understanding rather than outcome. The process offers the chance to communicate on a level playing field.

Shared Understanding.

When we are in conflict, a sense of shared understanding or even shared humanity, may seem far off.

“Conflict of whatever nature can be seen to become damaging to our wellbeing only when those involved begin to lose the capacity to hear each other.” Dominic Barter

The Restorative Circle process gives space for each participant to hear and understand each other. Re-establishing connections between Circle participants is the first step. The first phase of the Circle process is for participants to be heard. Hearing back the sense their words made to those they spoke to is often the first time they feel truly heard without a diagnostic or investigative focus.

In the absence of authentic connection, we suffer

“We are hardwired for connection. From our mirror neurons to language, we are a social species. In the absence of authentic connection, we suffer.” Brene Brown.

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