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Giving You Confidence, Clarity and Purpose, Managing Difficult Conversations and Resolving Disputes.

Problems with communication? Stressed and can’t see a way through a long running, costly conflict? Disagreeing about care, family finances, parenting and more?

Mediation is offered to help you resolve the following types of disputes- civil/commercial legal cases; family; separation, divorce and parenting; wills, succession and probate; community and not for profit; health services.

Anne-Marie offers Facilitation to groups or workshop settings in which participants explore issues enabled by facilitation skills, that ensure everyone has the chance to contribute. This approach leads to a fully informed outcome, bringing together different perspectives in a meaningful way.

What I Offer


Mediation is an adaptable peacebuilding process leading to improved connection and enhanced social and civil justice.

Restorative Circles

The Restorative Circle intention is to create safe space in which a conflict is invited with the focus on hearing and understanding rather than outcome.


You are invited to explore the ideas here for workshops and training courses, intended to widen capacity for peace and build conflict skillsets.

How it Works

Step 1

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a Consultation by submitting your details into the booking form and our team will be in touch to arrange a date.


Step 2

One to One Zoom Sessions

Once your date is confirmed a Zoom session will take place with Anne Marie to begin the Peace Essential process.

Schedule a Consultation

Please complete the form below and I will be in contact with you for a consultation 

Schedule a Consultation

Please complete the form below and I will be in contact with you for a consultation